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2020 Holiday Gift Guide - Toys for Older Kids

The play habits of preschoolers and early primary aged kiddos are, of course, very different from those of their younger peers. Pretend play is still right at the centre of everything, but often with an added layer of social cooperation. Finer motor control and improved planning skills make building toys - especially ones that feature lots of kinetic possibilities - big favourites for girls and boys. Kids in this age group are starting to discover their own identities, try out different passions and hobbies, and take their first steps towards independence. We've highlighted some of our favourite toys and gift ideas to entertain and inspire kids in this age group, read on:

Candylab Modern Vintage Cars and Trucks


Candylab's huge selection of high quality wooden cars, trucks and roadside scenery pieces need no introduction: the modern designs and vintage vibes of these extremely popular toys are irresistible, and we are delighted to have Canada's biggest selection of their products. 

Candylab's Candycars and Candyvans are perfect stocking stuffers, close in size to the 1:64 diecast toys of your youth but with a big dose of midcentury wooden style and funky little details. This year, the collection has grown to include scaled-down Work Vans, an RV that has Walter White's name written all over it, and the 4x4 and classic camper trailer combo of the brand new Mule sets. Once you buy one, it's hard to stop, so make sure you leave some room on your shopping list for yourself.

On the other side of the shelf, Candylab's larger main line of solid and durable wooden cars, trucks and scenery pieces has everything a growing kid needs to build an awesome and stylish world - and endless stories to go with it.

CLiCQUES Magnetic Peg Figures

CLiCQUES combine creativity and imaginary play in a clever and unique way: these handmade wooden toys consist of three elements that are held together with tiny magnets designed for you to mix them up and switch their clothes. They even come in house-shaped boxes that can be individually customized with beautiful backgrounds!

These colourfully diverse figures will populate the stories and scenes of children in this age group, and the minimal features provide many opportunities for symbolic play and emotional imagination. 

The CLiCQUES world also contains scenery sets and unpainted "DIY" packs just waiting for your inspiration and paintbrushes. Shop the whole collection here!

Conifer Toys Designer Play Houses

One of the most exciting new product lines to recently land at Wood Wood Toys, Conifer's line of incredibly detailed and sturdy play houses are perfect for kiddos in this age range. Just like us, they are a small family business that cares deeply about the products they make and the play-based-learning that they inspire. Handcrafted in British Columbia, they can be assembled and disassembled quickly without needing glue or fasteners. Their designs are inspired by iconic aesthetics, taking their cues from West Coast cool and Brooklyn chic. We are especially smitten with the Brownstone townhouse which can double as a bedside table! 

If there's a child on your list with a fondness for small world play, you can't go wrong with these show-stopping Canadian play houses. Shop the collection here.

Haba Marble and Ball Runs

Germany's HABA makes these incredible "Kugelbahn" marble runs that are a classic wooden take on the always popular marble run. Unlike their plastic peers that clip and click together, these open-ended building toys are deliberately designed to inspire creative approaches - especially for young builders in this age group. On their own or combined with blocks and building bits you might already own, HABA's ball runs will grow with your child, encouraging them to try ever-more ambitious designs. Browse the whole collection of HABA ball and marble runs here.

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