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HABA Clever Up! Building Block System 1.0

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Age: 1 Year and Up

Welcome to HABA's Clever Up! Building System.

These building blocks are perfect for early building. The cube is the base element, supplemented with panels and strips. They can be used to build tunnels, towers or bridges. Even young builders can explore, line up and stack the building blocks. Later, they design more complex patterns and their first buildings. The panels and strips help build bridges, inclines and levels. The building block set makes integrated construction and creative learning possible.
 46 pieces (24 cubes, 8 panels, 14 strips), 1 Educational Booklet, 1 heavy duty cotton storage and carrying bag.
  • clear, simple shapes inspire imagination and creativity
  • illustrate simple physical and mathematical relationships such as geometry and early understanding of quantities and numbers
  • encourage spatial, logical and abstract thinking
  • support fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, communication and social skills as well as self-confidence
  • educational booklet & sturdy storage bag


Made In: Germany