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(OPEN BOX) Foldable Step Stool for Toddlers - Kid Chair That Grows - Beige

(OPEN BOX) Foldable Step Stool for Toddlers - Kid Chair That Grows - Beige

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Great Price! 

Get a great toy for a great price. This item has not been assembled, but there is some minor minor damage to the outer packaging. The product itself is as good as new!


Discover the Goodevas Kitchen Standing Tower, meticulously designed to usher in a secure and enriching environment for your young ones. More than just a step stool, the Kitchen Stander is an extension of our esteemed Growing Chair. It integrates gracefully into daily family endeavours, offering children from 1 to 6-7 years old the chance to:

  • Immerse themselves in cooking, appreciating the delight of culinary creation.
  • Safely access elevated spots without instability, nurturing self-reliance.
  • Engage in familial events, nurturing a feeling of inclusion and duty.
  • Pursue diverse activities like reading, colouring, or toy assembly, thanks to its versatile form.


The foundation of the Kitchen Stander is crafted from eco-friendly Latvian birch plywood, complemented by dowels of linden soft hardwood. A rigorous sanding regimen ensures all wooden areas are rendered smooth, safeguarding against splinters. We coat each element with our unique blend of oils and waxes, rendering it apt for both indoor and controlled outdoor settings. However, to preserve the product's quality, we recommend avoiding environments with extreme temperatures or high humidity.


  • Height: 33.5" (85.6 cm)
  • Length: 23.5" (58.6 cm)
  • Width: 17.1" (43.5 cm)
  • Weight: 13.4 lb (6.08 kg)

Features and Benefits:

  • Stable Construction: Merging simplicity with safety, the Kitchen Stander stands firm, ensuring security and ease of assembly.
  • Eco-Conscious: Employing only non-toxic, naturally sourced materials, it prioritizes both safety and environmental responsibility.
  • Versatility: Its foldable nature, paired with a pull-out handlebar, offers functionality and adaptability. Whether assisting in culinary tasks or transitioning into a comfy seat, its transformative essence caters to diverse needs.
  • Montessori-Centric: Embracing Maria Montessori's principles, our Kitchen Stander fosters independence, cognitive progression, and self-recognition from tender years.

Elevate shared experiences and cherish the wonders of growing together with the Goodevas Kitchen Stander. Entrust us with your child's well-being, development, and joy. Foster enriching interactions, making the Kitchen Stander the cornerstone of discovery and learning in your residence!

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