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Candylab parks at Wood Wood Toys

Wood Wood Toys may be Canada's favourite wooden toy store, but starting today we welcome one of the most celebrated and iconic American toymakers to our virtual shelves: Candylab Toys

"Old school cool: Charming wood toys made of nothing but wood." - WIRED Magazine

Candylab's collection of "modern vintage" wooden toy vehicles are some of the most sought after new toys of the last decade. Design-minded parents love the minimal 60s modernist styling and nostalgic details, and kids love the smooth-rolling, sturdy and solid play feel. We suspect that more than a few of these "toys" spend more time in mom & dad's collection than the toy box, but every Candylab Candycar is ready for serious play. 

We've added Candylab to our inventory to help Canadian customers get their hands on what are, quite simply, the best premium toy cars around. Every car is made by hand by a team of fastidiously dedicated designers, engineers, parents and self-professed "gearheads". They claim that their mission is "to make the absolute best wooden toy vehicles on the market." and every aspect of their products is a rolling testament to that statement.

"These do not duplicate a toy car, but magically capture its essence." - CBS This Morning

We've hand-picked some of our favourite Candylab models for our collection, and we're certain that there's a ride for you. What are you waiting for!?

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