Not Sure Which Play Couch to Choose?

Not Sure Which Play Couch to Choose?


Finding the right fit

When choosing a play couch, there are several key factors to consider. To ensure that you make the right choice, measure your space carefully, consider your family's needs, and read product reviews! 
Choosing the Right Play Couch: GoCoconut play couch made in Canada

How much space do you have available?  

We have what you need- whether you live in a small apartment (like our founder) or in an ample space. The versatility of a play couch can adapt to your family's needs. 


HALF COCONUT affordable play couch for small spaces: made in Canada

The Half-Coconut (2 pieces)

50% of the size, yet 100% of the fun!🤸‍♂️
The Half-Coconut is simply an ensemble of 1 base and 1 beam sold together! Whether you were hesitant on a full version because of lack of space in your home, or simply because your third kid has been jealous of his or her siblings, the half-Coconut could be a great solution!


The Coconut by GoCoconut from Canada's favourite toy store

The Coconut (4 pieces)

Build stories, make memories🤸‍♂️
The Coconut, is full-sized play couch that is safe and durable. Canadian families love this soft foam furniture for kids to lounge, jump and express their creativity! 100% Canadian from design to manufacturing, it is the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room or playroom with a little more space to play!


Which fabric suits best your needs?  

Some fabrics slide better than others, and some hold builds better... Here is an overview:

Our oh-so-loved micro-brushed velveteen 

✓ Made for indoor play
✓ Smooth and soft-to-the-touch
✓ Modelling effect
✓ Friction between pieces helps keep builds in place
✓ Commercial-grade abrasion resistance for indoor use

Made to keep up with your kids everywhere

✓ Made for indoor & outdoor play
✓ Water resistant with PUL backing
✓ UV-resistant
✓ Beautiful soft textured woven fabric
✓ Commercial-grade abrasion resistance indoors & outdoors use

Check out product reviews 

If you are like us, you probably need to see the reviews first! A play couch is an investment- you want a product that can keep up with your little ones, will last for a long time and is well-made with safety features such as hidden zipper pulls and non-toxic materials. At the end of the day, like all parents, we just want the best for our children!
GoCoconut Canada's best-reviewed play couch brand
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