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Give Piece a Chance: Fun with Puzzles

Wooden puzzles are some of the oldest toys around, kids and adults have been playing with them since at least the 16th century, if not long before. By definition, a puzzle is a challenge that tests our ingenuity, perseverance and creative thinking. Life is full of puzzles, and we have a wide selection of Previously Loved and Brand New puzzles, read on to find out why these tried and true toys deserve a spot in your collection.

Puzzles help develop fine motor skills

From the chunkiest puzzles for young hands to more complex sets for older children, puzzles help develop and refine fine motor skills. Puzzle practice will help children improve their grasping, pinching and twisting motions, skills that come in handy for feeding, writing, drawing, dressing and just about everything else we do every day!

Puzzles encourage critical thinking skills

Puzzles are all about problem solving, trial and error, pattern recognition and intuition. The time children spend with puzzles will enhance their ability to recognize and follow steps, gaining confidence along the way. There is no more satisfying feeling that starting with a pile of pieces and ending up with a complete picture, and the smiles you'll see on their faces when the job is done will tell you everything you need to know.

Puzzles produce self confidence

Perseverance and accomplishment are crucial contributors to a child's healthy self esteem and self confidence. Puzzles have been popular developmental toys for centuries because, with every piece successfully added to the greater whole, a child's confidence grows. In order to complete a puzzle, a child will inevitably confront many challenges along the way, preparing them for a healthy lifetime of confident perseverance. 

Puzzles help with social development

While puzzles are fun for solo play, the experience is even more valuable when two or more children work together to finish the job. Children can divide tasks between the group, and they will learn how to navigate simple conflicts and parallel direction in order to accomplish the group's goals. This experience helps prepare children for classroom tasks and all of the group activities that await us in life.

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