Grimm's comes to Wood Wood Toys in Canada!

Grimm's comes to Wood Wood Toys in Canada!

The world standard in open-ended wooden toys is now available at Canada's favourite wooden toy store! Grimm's, the brand that has become synonymous with high quality, handcrafted wooden toys and learning materials, is the latest major brand to join the Wood Wood Toys family. Please join us in welcoming this incredible German manufacturer of building block sets like the Large Stepped Pyramid, the rainbow stacker that started it all, beautiful wooden grasping toys and rattles, and so much more!

What makes Grimm's so special? 

Grimm's What We Believe In Wooden Toys Canada
From Grimm's: 
In our opinion, children's toys are not just about kids being busy, that is, having something to do. Above all, it is important to us that they receive toys that are appropriate to their age and development. The imagination of the children should be stimulated and this will help develop the creative potential that can be available to a person throughout their entire life. Beautiful, artistically crafted, quality toys, made of natural materials also promote a sense of beauty and an understanding of quality. We consider this important in our "disposable society."


Confucius taught us this, and this is precisely the point of childlike play.

When we provide our children with ready-made play and adventure worlds, which are worked out to the smallest detail, we take away the opportunity for them to develop their own creativity.

From the design point of view, we make sure to keep the playing possibilities as open as possible, so that creativity is not restricted, and can develop in new directions.


In doing so, we are guided by Waldorf education and other alternative pedagogical approaches, such as Montessori, which are deeply rooted in our corporate DNA.

Small and big builders of the world will find everything they need to create new worlds and game... so the same components may become a farm and later a hospital. On another occasion, a doll’s house or part of a fantasy land might be created.s

With their progressive development, children are always finding new ways to play with our wooden toys. The minimalist, open design make them permanent companions on their way through childhood.


The possible combinations of the individual articles are limitless and open up a broad field of infinite playing possibilities, with which we deliberately want to create a counterpoint to the digital media world.

For childhood needs worlds of experience that can be understood and experienced with one's hands!

An outstanding feature of all our toys is the velvety-rough surface, which results from the fact that we use colour glaze, which penetrates into the wood fibres and leaves a living surface. The individual parts are dipped by hand into the stain and we deliberately do not use a final protective varnish so we can preserve the positive properties of the wood.

With great attention to detail, experience and craftsmanship, we saw our rainbow free hand from a single piece of wood. The deliberately achieved asymmetric structure leads to an organic and natural-looking design, which makes every single rainbow an unmistakable one-off, in contrast to an automated production using symmetrically designed templates.

We invite you on a journey through our different colour harmonies: Let yourself be carried away into the gentle world of pastel colours, or experience the special charm of our monochrome world. Discover the special warmth and natural beauty of our oiled toys in natural wood or simply indulge in the natural colour harmonies of the rainbow.

We hope you enjoy discovering!

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