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Lubulona - Modern Wooden Toys from Spain

Since their founding in Barcelona in 2017, Lubulona has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting new wooden toy brands. Until now, it's been very hard to find these beautiful wood toys in Canada, but we are so excited to help make Lubulona available to Canadian families!

The Lubulona Story

"Lubu" is the creation of Tina & Jordi; Barcelona-based parents, designers and entrepeneurs. They started the business with an aim to create designer-grade creative toys for a fair price. The minimalist and playful designs are perfect for young imaginations, and they look so good that you might not actually be in a rush to tidy up after playtime. 

Tina is the creative motor of the brand. She takes looks after product development and communication with customers. She also spends a lot of time with a paint brush in her hand, turning wooden objects into colourful toys. Jordi takes the lead when it comes to supporting stockists and distributors. He makes sure that the beautiful products made in their Spanish workshop arrive safely around the world. 

Lubu Town

Their first product was ‘Lubu Town’, a versatile wooden toy city. Lubu Town is a toy that inspires kids to think like little archtitects and construct their own buildings and towns. During the design phase of Lubu Town, Tina and Jordi gave 3- to 6-year-olds different prototypes to play with. They re-designed and adapted the prototypes after many rounds of seriously fun play testing. The final product is a versatile, creative and very intuitive toy, combining construction with symbolic play and allowing kids to choose how to play and with what to play.

Safe and Sustainable

All Lubulona toys are designed to be safe and sustainable. The paint and glue is EN 71 certified and totally safe to be used for toys. Just like us, they believe there is definitely enough plastic in this world and there is no need to add more. All Lubulona toys are made out of natural high quality beech wood and they use environmentally friendly cardboard boxes and fabric bags for our packaging. No plastic bags whatsoever. They produce their toys in Europe from materials that don't have to travel a long way to get to the workshop. 

Toys Without Labels

Lubulona believes that giving kids only specific toys narrows down the possible benefits they can experience from playing with different types of toys. Boys tend to be given more construction-related toys or toy cars, whereas girls are generally given dolls or toys related to symbolic play. Construction toys promote spacial awareness and mathematical understandings, whereas symbolic play can be very beneficial for children’s ability to emphasise with others. Why let toy marketing and gender stereotypes decide which toys children should play with? Lubulona was founded on a simple idea; let's give children the choice.

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