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Made in Canada. Played in Canada.

For more than four decades, nearly every Canadian kid (and their parents) has had The Log Driver's Waltz stuck in their head at some point. Lumberjacks are woven into the fabric of this great land like wool threads in flannel, and even though most of us live a long way from the woods, the impact of the timber industry can be felt in nearly every corner of the country.

Today, the thought of the timber trade is more likely to evoke concerns about sustainability and environmental change. Indeed, our landscape has been transformed, sometimes irrevocably, by forestry and the industries that followed it. Our parks and preserves have cordoned off some forests from development, but only a few of the most remote old growth forests survived the impact of our axes and chainsaws. 

Compared to other materials, however, wood continues to be a more sustainable material. Managed forests can rebound in decades, not lifetimes. Conscientious timber mills are able to yield more product with less waste. Finishes and sealants are becoming less harmful to the environment. Crucially, when a piece of wood's job is over it will eventually return to the earth quickly and completely. Canada needs to remain a leader in this field if we wish to hand our children a better world. 

We are so excited about our new Made in Canada collection. We use quality Canadian wood and independent Canadian manufacturers to produce our growing line of locally made toys. Every one of the heirloom-quality toys in the Canadian Made collection is crafted by hand and finished with materials that are both child and environmentally friendly. We know that Canadian parents care about where and how their children's toys are made, and we are proud to be able to offer Canadian parents Canadian options. Today, the collection includes three iconic products; a deluxe version of our Montessori Rainbow Stacker, a brand new Wobble Board for balance and adventure, and the exclusive range of Creative Kinders Small World Playscapes. These items ship from our Toronto warehouse and are suitable for home and classroom use. Canadian wood, Canadian talent and Canadian creativity have come together to create something special. With the Wood Wood Toys Made in Canada collection, young minds can grow as strong and free as the tallest pine.

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