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Spotlight: Brin d'Ours

We have just added Brin d'Ours to our collection and we couldn't be more excited for you to discover these 100% natural and eco-responsible wooden toys.

Brin d'Ours is a world-renowned artisan toymaker based in Saveme, France. Every Brin d'Ours item is cut and finished entirely by hand, and each one is packed with detail and charming character. These beautiful handmade wooden toys and animals are perfect for creating small worlds full of big fun.

Browse our collection and read on to find out more.

"Some of the toys I received are a little different..."

What Brin d'Ours says:

"We work with wood, an organic material that come in our workshop with his history and his life. As a result, some of our boards are marked, veined or have knots. When

these little peculiarities endanger the safety of users and the resistance of toys, we immediately dismiss them.

When there is no reason to dismiss a potential danger or fragility, we integrate these special features into our toys. We find them very charming and it reminds us strongly that the main material is wood.

Some of the toys you will receive might be a little different. Many customers will find
them attractive and authentic. That’s why we do not return these toys, and we kindly ask you to accept them as they are, and to see in each one of them something unique!"

"Trees and bases, how do they work?"

What Brin d'Ours says:

"Our trees are designed to hold on small cleat bases, without which they would fall easily.

Each tree is sold WITHOUT a base. You must acquire them separately.
This will allow you to choose the colours on the one hand, and on the other hand not to end up with extra bases if you buy a pond or double or triple bases. This allows you to better manage your collection and your scenes.

The bushes, rocks and grasses are pierced and you can fix them on the bases."

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