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Spotlight: Manhattan Toys

When Wood Wood Toys was still in its early days, and when we focused solely on refurbished wooden toys, the Skwish was the most popular item in our inventory. It wasn't uncommon for a Previously Loved Skwish to be added to our stock and sell out within minutes. It was the unbelievable demand for gently used Skwishes that convinced us that there was a demand for well-chosen, affordable new toys in the Wood Wood World as well.

We have come full circle as an official retailer for Manhattan Toy, the parent company of the Skwish family of grasping toys. Manhattan Toy has been making award-winning, high quality, visually appealing toys for babies, toddlers and kids for over 30 years. Canadian parents can now compare and purchase all four Skwish varieties right here on Wood Wood Toys, as well as the delightful Manhattan Toy Baby Beads collection!

When you Skwish Upon a Star

Manhattan Toy Skwish Wood Natural Artful in CanadaThe award winning Skwish is a one of a kind wood rattle and teether toy. It Skwishes and returns to its original shape, with beads that slide and rattle. The Skwish is made from renewable rubberwood, and has won numerous awards for its simple design and durable construction. Easy for small hands to hold, it stimulates the development of crucial cognitive and motor skills simply and gracefully. It even "Skwishes" down and pops back to its original shape with a charm that even keeps adults entertained!

Available in colourful or natural finishes, these are ideal gifts for children under one. Shop our whole assortment here.

The Bead Goes On

Manhattan's wooden Baby Beads are a charming companion to the Skwish line. The wood beads are strung together with an elastic cord and can be manipulated into an endless number of configurations making it a great sensory item. These wooden clutching rattles are designed for tiny hands to reach for, grab, pull, twist, and rattle – an old fashion, hands on toy that encourages babies to experience the tactile world around them while engaging their gross motor skills. As baby delights in manipulating the wooden beads, a clickey-clop sound is produced, allowing them to explore sound and cause and effect. These beads have also been shown to be helpful to those on the Autism spectrum. Baby Beads are available in two finishes, you can find them both right here.



We are delighted to welcome Manhattan to Canada's Favourite toy store. With so many great toys to choose from, and prices that fit your budget, we've got your Christmas shopping covered!

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