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Spotlight: Waytoplay Flexible Roads

We love wooden toys. Our love is so strong that it's baked right into the name of our company! At Wood Wood Toys, we search high and low for the best wooden and open-ended toys from around the world. Every once in a while we find something so clever, creative and gorgeous that we just have to have it - even if it's not wood!

Waytoplay is more than a toy, it is a Dutch Design original. Each set features easy to connect road segments. Straights, curves, parking spaces, roundabouts, junctions and more. Made in Germany of high grade, child safe rubber, simply roll out an adventure anywhere and anytime!

These remarkable open-ended road segments can be used indoors or out, on virtually any surface! The segments are very easy to connect, meaning that younger drivers will have just as much fun as preschoolers and older kids (including your middle-aged author). They're easy to clean, durable enough for serious classroom or daycare use.

To ensure high safety and quality standards, Waytoplay controls the entire production process themselves. They only work with partners they know and trust. The road segments are made and shaped in Germany after which the all-important road markings are added in The Netherlands. They have even teamed up with a sheltered employment provider, that provides work for people with little access to the regular labour market. With great care, attention and dedication they add the road markings to both sides of the road segments. Last, but not least, their packaging is fully recyclable.

Cars and trucks are some of the most popular items we sell, and we are delighted to have the world's best road set to help give all those four wheeled toys somewhere to go! Get yours today right here on Wood Wood Toys, Canada's favourite wooden (and sometimes not wooden) toy store!


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