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Our CLiCQUES inventory was STOLEN!

We were expecting a large order of our extraordinarily popular CLiCQUES products last week, but they never arrived. After a lot of prodding, DHL finally acknowledged that our boxes were stolen from a company facility near Toronto last week.

These handmade toys are very uncommon in Canada, so please keep your eyes out for them. We assume that they were not specifically what the thieves were after, so we are hopeful that they resurface. It can take many months for a small scale maker like CLiCQUES to replace a large order, and we are devastated that our preorders and back orders cannot be fulfilled on time.

DHL have not been helpful or forthcoming about this incident. It took more than a week to receive any answers about the missing delivery, and their eventual acknowledgement was perfunctory at best. We apologize for the significant disappointment that this situation has caused and we are working closely with our friends at CLICQUES to replenish our inventory and fulfill our orders as quickly as possible.

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