Top Ten Best Selling Toys of 2022!

Top Ten Best Selling Toys of 2022!

As another year draws to a close, we are grateful for the loyal business of our wonderful customers. Supply chains healed a bit in 2022, and we were able to keep more of your favourites in stock all year long. We kept price increases to a minimum, and we were even able to lower our shipping charges for orders that don’t reach the free shipping threshold! We are so grateful for every customer who chose to shop with us in 2022, and we’re looking forward to serving you, your families, your classrooms and your care spaces next year and beyond.

We wanted to share with you our top ten best selling wooden toys of 2022. At Wood Wood Toys, we are passionate about offering high quality, sustainable, and educational toys for children. Our collection of wooden toys is carefully chosen to ensure that each and every one meets these standards. These are the items that you couldn’t get enough of. If a manufacturer appeared on the list twice, we skipped their second-best seller and moved on to the next brand. Without further ado, let's take a look at the top ten best sellers of the year!

10. HABA 3D Rainbow Cube Arranging Game

Starting the list off at number ten, the HABA "eight sided rainbow" 3D Rainbow Cube Arranging Game was a popular choice all year long. As a block , it's a fun and challenging toy. As an open-ended set of blocks, the different sizes and colours can inspire endless ways to play. 

9. Waytoplay Roads - Road to Recovery (8 Pieces)

The Road to Recovery first hit the shelves in 2020 as an affordable way for families to start or expand their Waytoplay road sets. The sturdy cardboard construction keeps costs down, it's better for the environment, and it connects seamlessly to Waytoplay's flexible rubber roads. It was a strong seller all year long, ending as the best-selling Waytoplay set of the year!

8. Grimm's Large Stacking Rainbow (12 pieces)

Wood Wood Toys only became an official Grimm's retailer at the end of October, but that was still enough time for the iconic Grimm's rainbow stacker to crack the top ten and end the year as one of our best selling items. This beautiful toy barely needs any introduction; it's a classic that has a place in the homes and hearts of so many families around the world.

7. Avdar Wooden Lake (Summer/Winter)

We love the simple beauty of Avdar's two-piece wooden lakes. As a base for small world play, they set the stage for scenery and wooden animals. Like all Avdar toys, they're finished with a unique water-based wax colouring that provides a silky-but-grippy surface for easy play.

 6. Manhattan Toy Baby Beads

These smooth, colourful grasping beads will instantly grab any baby's attention. We love Manhattan Toys' baby beads for the way they promote grasping, gripping and tactile exploration. Twist, rattle, grab and pull! Little ones will delight in the way this toy feels and sounds. This is a customer favourite for baby shower and new baby gifts, and it was popular enough to earn the sixth spot on our list.

5. Erzi Wooden Tongs

Germany's Erzi is famous for their wooden food items, but the best selling Erzi toy of the year are these simple wooden toys. They're great additions to a play food set, but we know that just as many customers purchase them for other Montessori-inspired activities. Children around 18 months can begin to master squeeze and sort actions. Tongs like these are great for building hand strength, developing fine motor skills for the fingers and hands, and gross motor skills for the arm and shoulder. They also promote coordination, concentration and patience!

4. Grapat Little Things

Who doesn't love little things? Grapat offers these little wish boxes in a range of beautiful, natural colours. The lid holds a secret; there's a little figure hiding on the other side, and it can be used as a spinning top! Grapat's Little Things sold in big numbers last year, enough to earn this treasure box a spot just shy of the top three.

3. Gluckskafer Traffic Signals, Signs and Roadside Accessories

 There are no rules when it comes to open-ended play, but there are rules on the open road. These little beechwood traffic lights, stop signs, road work cones and more are always popular for the way they add some realistic excitement to wheeled play. They are also an excellent way to introduce important concepts around road safety to young learners. 

2. Brin d'Ours Handmade Wooden Deer

Oh deer, we could hardly keep these deer in stock this year! In previous years, the Brin d'Ours Penguin family has been the best seller, but in 2022 you snapped up the beautiful deer family in big numbers. These gorgeous handcrafted animals are only available at a handful of retailers worldwide, and whenever we receive a big restock they don't last long. 

1. Candylab Candycars

This year's best selling toy has been our number one best seller since our store opened: Candylab's Candycars! Smaller than the rest of the Candylab collection, these "wooden diecast" cars can fit on most toy race tracks. In 2022, Candylab introduced a couple new designs to complement the ever-popular fleet of racers, sedans and wagons, and they end the year as the best selling toy at Wood Wood Toys! 

Will the Candycars hold on to the top spot in the year ahead, or will another great toy claim the throne? We can't wait to find out!

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