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Why buy previously loved toys?

We started Wood Wood Toys 2017 with a mission to restore and resell previously loved wooden toys. We had just welcomed our first child into the world, and as parents we consciously chose wooden toys to be among the first playthings he was exposed to. As non-toxic, timeless alternatives to plastic toys, the benefits were easy to appreciate. If you're here, you probably appreciate those benefits too.

Like most new parents, we were living on a budget, so we began to find and fix old wooden toys for our kiddo. As live-long "thrifters", we shifted our attention away from our old collections of vinyl records and antique cameras to classic wooden toys. However, we started to accumulate them much faster than he could play with them, and so Wood Wood Toys was born. We think that preciously loved wooden toys are an affordable, sustainable way to encourage stimulating play. Here's why.

Wooden Toys are Timeless

We're in the middle of a wooden toys trend, but the truth is that they never really went away. Childhood itself is timeless, and there's a reason why the simple and enduring designs of wooden puzzles, vehicles and walkers have lasted for generations; kids love them. Trends and fads come and go, but there's a reason that the same simple toys that amused your parents and grandparents will probably keep your child or grandchild engrossed for hours. 

Wooden Toys are Durable

Kids are rough on their playthings, and even the best plastic toys will often crack under the pressure of months or years of use. You probably have a bin full of plastic toys with broken or missing pieces! Wooden toys can stand up to the worst a toddler can come up with, which means that they'll stay in the toy chest, and not in a landfill. Our toys have a lot of life left in them, and we know that they'll fit in just fine in a new home.

Wooden Toys are Healthy

It's well known that wooden toys promote healthy cognitive and physical development, encouraging experimentation, imagination and creativity through open-ended play. That's true, but here we're talking about germs. Wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, so germs tend not to stick around as much as they do on toys made of materials like plastic. Wooden toys are also really easy to clean: a simple water and vinegar spray or mild dish soap (diluted) will wipe away the grime and return your toys to sparkling condition. Additionally, you may want to moisturize your child's favourite wooden toys from time to time, just as you would a wooden kitchen implement such as a butcher's block. We find that bee's wax works well! All of our previously loved toys are cleaned and treated before sale!

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Wooden Toys Look Great

Your little one's aesthetic sense may not be as, ahem, refined as yours, but we think that you'll appreciate the way that high quality wooden toys blend into the decor of your living room or nursery. Whether unfinished or brightly coloured, the tones and textures of natural wood are always in style. There's a reason that wooden toys are ubiquitous on the pages of social media "influencers". We have recent and vintage toys in our collection to help you find exactly the right piece to complete "the look"

Our Wooden Toys are Affordable

We know that it's easy to blow your budget on wooden toys, and even though they guarantee years of engaging use, the upfront costs can be enough to make a mom or dad cry. By collecting the best previously loved toys and repairing and restoring the ones in need of a little TLC, we make it possible to get great products at 30%-50% less than the original sticker price. 

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