WILD WILD! The New Grapat Collection

WILD WILD! The New Grapat Collection

Grapat Wooden Toys was born in a small town in the Pyrenean mountains of Catalunya. Casiana and Jordi were inspired by how their daughter played when given the freedom to play with her natural every day surroundings. Every collection of Grapat Wooden Toys evokes the beautiful and open-ended creativity of the natural world. This year's limited release, Wild Wild, carries that natural spirit into 2022.

Grapat toys are all handmade with locally-sourced materials. The natural characteristics of the materials are preserved to ensure that each piece is unique. The Wild Wild collection consists of 

Grapt WILD WILD wooden toys loose parts collection from Wood Wood Toys Canada


The centrepiece of the Wild Wild collection is, appropriately, a set called "WILD". It is a collection of twelve creatures "living on the edge of fantasy and reality". Grapat explains that they aren’t ordinary bugs: each comes with its own specimen card that explains its superpower. There’s a hungry little one that can eat all your sorrows, a lucky one that will look after you if you carry it in your pocket , and another royal one that will teach you to dance the dance of the wind. Let them guide you - you can’t even imagine all of the wild adventures that they will take you on!


"WONDERS" is a collection of twelve elements from the flora realm, crafted to connect with the cyclical changes in nature and mother earth’s gifts every month of each season. It is a perfect unstructured collection of materials for any open-ended activity. Grapat explains that they were inspired by the way that the rhythm of time reveals Nature’s Wonders month after month.



"PETALS PLATFORMS" is a large set of 24 wooden leaf-shaped structures that were originally conceived to be surfaces for mandalas, but after a few months of testing and studies conducted by Grapat's professional play inspectors (kids!), a world of possibilities has suddenly opened up. Among many things, they turned into bunny ears and even horse tails…after all, when it comes to creativity and play, kids are always the best experts!
GRAPAT wooden toys wild wild collection from Canada's favourite wooden toy store
There's even more to explore and fall in love with. Explore our entire Grapat collection today and begin your own open-ended adventure.
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