Wood Wood Toys is so excited to partner with Cherrpick! This awesome Canadian brand is run by Becky; an owner and Creative Director, wife, and mama to Mila and Jaden. We'll let Becky tell you about herself:

"Family is the reason for everything I do and my inspiration comes from my little ones. My 3-year-old daughter Mila is strong-willed, brave, and full of imagination and creativity, while my 1-year-old son Jaden is already showing his kind, loving, and resilient personality."

The idea for the Cherrypick brand came from Becky's desire to bring fun and happiness into homes. While she struggled with infertility, she dreamed of decorating her future babies’ nurseries and creating special traditions for every occasion.

"After having children, I became that “extra” mom – always wanting to celebrate every holiday or occasion, whether big or small."


Traditional decorating can be both stressful and expensive, but our lightweight banners are an easy and affordable way to decorate with minimal effort! Whether decorating for a special occasion or simply just for fun, our banners add a unique and magical touch, making every space a happy place. Our banners are professionally printed in small batches with non-toxic ink, machine washable, and easy to hang and store away to re-use over and over again.

We hope our banners become part of the growing traditions in your homes and help to create core memories with your littles. We believe in raising kids to be strong, kind, confident, and empowered, and want our designs to celebrate the magic (and beautiful chaos) of childhood. Our core designs are great for everyday decorating and we have seasonal/holiday designs and limited edition drops every month.