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In A Flash

Stage 3: Transportation - In A Flash Flashcards

Stage 3: Transportation - In A Flash Flashcards

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A new take on flashcards

In A Flash flashcards are the brainchild of Jodie Becker, a first nations Canadian mom living abroad in the Netherlands with her Dutch husband, two bilingual tots Alexander (7 years) and Madeleine (3 years) and 5 chickens (aka the escape artists).

While flashcards have been a preschool staple for generations of Canadian families, Jodie developed a new way to use them along with an innovative way to inspire intrinsic learning. Learning through movement (kinesthetic learning) paired with inspiring multi-concept themes makes learning fun for kids (and teaching fun for parents!).

The concept is based on more than 10 years of experience working directly with children in various roles, including one of the Netherlands’ leading bilingual childcare facilities.

Transport - Level 3

A good age to start with level 3 is (coincidentally) 3 years. But don't start too fast with the last level, fun and confidence are the most important.
Each pack consists of three sets of cards nicely coordinated around a central theme and a beautiful brass ring to keep them bundled between plays.
This theme is all about vehicle fun while developing Vocabulary – Shapes – Counting. Help your little one explore her ever-expanding world with these easy learning moments to actively learn and bond.


Our Imaginative Transport Pack provides parents with 3 beautiful, bite-sized tools for the easiest Mom Wins on the market.
In level 4, vocabulary, shapes and counting are always covered with various themes to spark your child's passion and interest – new themes are added regularly (the inspiration never runs out!) and children are ready after about a month a new theme.
You will notice that your toddler will start to count or even recognize and name shapes. These are your child's first steps towards selective learning. Knowledge development is moving forward. Your toddler is a diamond in the rough that needs all the time and space to develop into a beautiful piece of jewelry at its own pace. Do not begin the third level concepts until your child can name five colors and repeat the numbers up to ten (acoustic counting). With the third level of the In A Flash method, your toddler will actively learn to count and recognize shapes in a way that you will both enjoy.


A good age to start with level 3 is (coincidentally) 3 years. But don't start too fast with the last level, fun and confidence are the most important!
Learning methods
The In A Flash method is based on kinesthetic learning (moving learning) and fits well with tactile learning styles such as Montessori, Pikler and Reggio Emilia.
30 illustrated cards – 10 for each educational theme (vocabulary – colors – numbers)
1 copper ring to bundle your cards in a stylish way
1 fingerprint card to make a beautiful work of art together with your little one and to practice the new words

Made in Netherlands

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